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This DLC contains one Hunter, one Weapon and one Tool: The Miko (Hunter), Ochita Mozu (Hunting Bow), Shinbatsu (Throwing Knives). 


Chisato Ryoko pressed her ear to the shrine bell to hear it sing of omens to come: plagues of beetles and frogs, crippling winters, a priest breaking their foot between cobbled stones. She clung to the bell the night the shrine burned, her family run off, the priests pushed from cliffs. But Ryoko remained. She alone witnessed the ronin who appeared and cut down each desecrator.


The ronin pulled Ryoko from the temple bell, pressed her ear to a sword, and abandoned her. She could hear a melody in the blade—it sang louder than the bell.


Ryoko cared for the shrine’s ruin, polishing the cinder ribs of torii gates, but the saber’s hum turned more brutal—hypnotic, even—until one day she left to silence whatever made it sing.


Entranced, she endured three trials:


She crossed a lake frozen with a thousand peering birds. A single glance would lock her soul inside their stilled wings.


She navigated ravines of a thousand bones, crawling with a thirst for things beyond water.


At last, that which made the blade sing appeared—a crane with a corruption of cicadas spooled from its infested, wounded lungs. The crane lanced her jaw with its bill and prayed.


“Rejoice, for each new hole is one more place for light to shine through.”


Ryoko broke the crane’s neck. The trees fell silent, and the trance ended. She ventured to the edge of the sea and listened to her blade once more. A new song hummed from the other side of the sunrise, where the water turned black and the hearts of damned men begged for holes and light.


The Miko


The Miko tended her family’s shrine long after it fell to ruin. When a sword left in her care began to sing, she followed its melody to Louisiana. She wields the blade to sever the thousand mouths that give it a voice.



Ochita Mozu


This hama yumi was to never leave The Miko’s family shrine. It has been cleansed by shooting a single arrow through the eyes of five birds: one raicho for each step into the shrine she took to reclaim the hunting bow.





The eyelets of these throwing knives were used to string shimenawa rope to protect The Miko as her shrine burned. When they sink into the chest of a hunter, she still strings them to fulfill their unheard prayers.

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[US] Hunt: Showdown - Shrine Maiden's Hell

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