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This DLC contains one Hunter, two Weapons, and one consumable:


- The Prodigal Son (Hunter)

- Soldier's Brother (Drilling)

- Brave Charge (Scottfield Model 3 Swift)

- Breach Blast (Dynamite Stick)


The Prodigal Son


The Prodigal Son knows there's a bullet out there with his name on it—he just prefers to keep it close. While others fear being brought to reckoning, he welcomes it; any chance to make amends for a life of misdeeds.



Soldier's Brother


This Drilling became something like a brother to The Prodigal Son, its three barrels always backing him up. Like him, this gun keeps mum, unless the conversation turns to killing.



Brave Charge


The Prodigal Son was issued this Scottfield Model 3 Swift on enlisting. It stayed in service with him long after his apparent death; both a reminder of the mistakes he'd made, and a means to never make them again.



Breach Blast


While The Prodigal Son was doing others’ dirty work, he needed to go many places he wasn't welcome. Now he carries this Dynamite Stick should the need arise again.




The reckoning for Sarah Burton came in the shape of a man clad in an old uniform, his face hidden behind an iron mask. He was more than a Prodigal Son—he was a brother to a sister.

On the day he returned, the Prodigal Daughter had slipped up and found herself staring down the barrel of a gun. Her assailant pulled back the hammer and paused; there was someone else emerging from the ashen fog. The assailant barely had time to register the doppelganger before catching two shots in the chest and being blasted apart by a third.

Sarah’s savior wore a mask, but she would recognize him anywhere. Richard “Rick” Burton: her twin. He had followed his mother’s footsteps in a way that Sarah never could, and enlisted as soon as he was of age. It wasn't long after that when an official letter arrived to say he'd been lost in a brave charge, and was now buried in the Black Hills. Sarah always blamed that letter for setting off the series of events that led to their mother's death. The day she passed, Sarah engraved 'Richard' on a bullet.

Rick knew he didn’t deserve to be greeted with open arms, but he had amends to make. In the years since he’d left, he lived as a dead man. He had no papers and did dirty work, the type of work that needed an iron mask. The skills he picked up along the way would make him a deadly ally in the Hunt.

The Prodigal Son knew there was a bullet out there with his name on it—he figured it best to keep it close.

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[US] Hunt: Showdown - The Reckoning Son

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