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This DLC contains one Legendary Hunter, two Legendary weapons, and one Legendary tool: The Witch Hunter, Witch Trial (Berthier Mle 1892 Deadeye), Sister’s Keeper (Nagant M1895 Officer), and Rooted Apothecary (First Aid Kit).

When she was just a little girl, Circe’s grandmother sat her down and told her the history of the Elias family. She told Circe that while many innocent lives were taken in Salem, there was such a thing as a witch. They would parade around in the skins of women and haunt entire towns. They would attract young girls to their side so that when their costumes became too loose with age, they always had something new to slip into. Circe’s grandmother told her that it was the job of the Elias family to find these witches and end them, snuff out every single one until there was nothing but rumor and ash left.

The Witch Hunter

Descended from a long line of witch hunters, Circe Elias was raised ready to fight the unknown. When word got to the New York branch of the AHA about Louisiana, Circe knew she needed to go put her lineage and training to work.

Witch Trial

The Elias family made their money hunting witches in Massachusetts. This Berthier Mle 1892 is said to be modified with remnants of the witches they could not burn.

Sister's Keeper

The night Circe left her family, she firmly placed this unfailing Nagant M1895 Officer in her little sister’s hand and told her to use it if she had to. When Circe came back to get her, it was still clutched in her cold, lifeless fingers.

Rooted Apothecary

Expertly crafted by the medicine women of Louisiana, this First Aid Kit is said to be the best of both ancient and modern medicine.

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Steam Key

[US] Hunt: Showdown - They Came From Salem

Steam Key

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