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Focusing on the single-player campaign from the acclaimed first-person shooter, Crysis Remastered arrives with upgrades and optimizations powered by advances in CRYENGINE and current-gen hardware, including up to 8K high quality textures, HDR support, temporary anti-aliasing, improved art assets, and more. On PC, players can experience for the very first time, software-based ray tracing for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs and hardware-based ray tracing for NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX GPUs. And in another first, current generation console gamers can enjoy ray tracing on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.


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When North Korean forces take control of the Lingshan Islands, a team of American civilian architects sends out a distress call, revealing that they have made a discovery that could change the world. A discovery that cannot fall into enemy hands. Raptor Team is dispatched to evacuate them. But what begins as a routine rescue mission transforms into an all-out war against a new alien invasion, as the islands become a battleground for the future of humanity itself.


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